Trojan Ludo

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Proudly presenting to you Trojan Ludo, inspired by the famous legend “The Trojan Horse”, this handcrafted game surrounded by four solid wooden walls representing Troy. Each step is designed with majestic artistry, leading your armies to the pinnacle of fame. The game not only revives the feelings of nostalgia and victory in anyone who participates in this modern version of an ancient battle but also makes a beautiful display in your home.

Proudly crafted in Vietnam.

Materials: Pinewood, veneer, cement, copper

– 1 chessboard, 16 chess pieces, 1 wooden box containing chess pieces, 2 dice.
– 465 x 465 x 25 mm
–  3 kg

– Warranty terms: 6 months.
– Delivery: 5 – 8 business days based on your shipment’s destination.


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