TAY HO ~ $600

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2bedrooms ~ 1 bathroom
Adorable apartment in a center of Tay Ho, it’s such a quiet place. Full furnished, big kitchen, vintage cozy decor.


TAY HO~$350

STUDIO -1 bedroom -1 bathroomThis huge studio is a perfect escape in Tay Ho. Nice big balcony, comfortable couch and western mattress. Weekly cleaning and fantastic appliances/electronics. ID#0935566989/4

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TAY HO~$1800

-3 bedroom -3 bathroomMetropolis living! This three bedroom has both showers and bathtubs and tons of natural light. The building is fully serviced and includes on site gym and pool. You wont be disappointed. ID#0985681925/3

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TAY HO~$2200

-3 bedroom -3 bathroomThis 225sq meter apartment has the best views of the city, additional recreational rooms for free use, full serviced building and lots of character. Check out the hardwood floors, huge balconies and equipped kitchen! ID#0395648486/2

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TAY HO~$2200

-3 bedroom -2 bathroomEnjoy the lux life on the 17th floor, D’ Le Roi Soleil with 136m2 of apartment and amenities.Gorgeous decor, unique regal design, plenty of views and balconies, huge open kitchen with an oven and entertaining space. ID#0395648486/1

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BA DINH~$2800

-4 bedroom -3 bathroomThis spacious apartment is just stunning. Great decor, attention to detail in finishings, full bar, open floor plan, great kitchen, bathtubs and balconies. On site swimming pool, gym, shopping and entertainment. ID#0985681925/2

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BA DINH~$1400

-2 bedroom -2 bathroomA true beauty in Ba Dinh. This is the perfect place to call home, with its great views, decor, and charm. Enjoy all the luxuries of a fully serviced apartment with an oven, washing machine, cleaning, and bathtub. ID#0985681925

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TAY HO~$400

STUDIO -1 bedroom -1 bathroomThis location is a dream come true. Situated in a lovely section of Nhat Chieu, this studio has everything you need. Wonderful lake breeze, balcony, views and a lift. ID#quocnamzal

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BA DINH~$900

-4 bedroom -3 bathroomHolly cow! This huge apartment is stunning! Lake views with three balconies and tons of natural light. This is a perfect rental for a group or family. Beautiful kitchen and common areas, weekly cleaning and a great covid price! ID#0916873638

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TAY HO~$195

STUDIO -1 bedroom -1 bathroomThis studio has a small balcony, great natural light, excellent furnishings and a great price! ID# 0981049286/6

DONG DA ~ $435

~ 2 bedrooms ~ 2 bathroomApartment located on Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, and close to restaurant, coffee shops, and nice balconies. ID#00840969999635/2


Studio -1bedroom -1bathroomAnother diamond just feet from turtle lake. This studio is called the Hanoi Zoo, with its interior focused on animal prints and artwork. This is a very creative space with lots of light and fresh air. ID#0363399194/2


-2 bedroom -1 bathroomVinhomes Ocean Park is truly resort outfitted. You will enjoy a comfortable and modern lifestyle in this two bedroom apartment with onsite access to grocery stores, beaches, malls, cinema, and sporting areas. ID#0904529158


1 bedroom 2 bathroomBeautiful views of Truc Bach lake from this 6 floor flat on the island. There is covered parking and lots of light flooding the apartment. There is a spacious living room, stocked kitchen and gorgeous balconies. ID#0911010198

TAY HO~$565

1 bedroom -1 bathroomSo much natural light and a cozy lake view balcony in this apartment. Enjoy the luxury of a soaking tub just off the bedroom and a nice open kitchen. ID#0945524744/2

TAY HO~$500

-1 bedroom -1 bathroomThis one bedroom has all the bells and whistles. Lets start with the kitchen, gas burners, oven, open plan, horse shoe, huge fridge, natural light. This unit also has grand windows/balcony in each room! ID#09002204479


~1 bedroom ~1 bathroomThis gorgeous villa in Long Bien has 4 stand alone suites with beautiful decorations. An open balcony is a huge plus adding to the property. Pet friendly. ID#0989846673

TAY HO~$800-$1000

-2 bedroom -2 bathroomThis gorgeous new building has a few 2 bedroom layouts. Meet a NEST. agent to take a tour to see them all. Lakeview, soaking tub, balcony, natural light, well furnished and decorated. ID#0084896682238/3


~2 bedrooms -2 bathrooms Beautifully decorated two bedroom pad with a massive skylight. 24hour security and parking. Grand entrance and lovely bright location. Enjoy the rooftop garden, bi weekly cleaning and in room washer and dryer. ID#0983961705/3


-2 bedroom -1 bathroomThis Hai Ba Trung has an interesting layout, but we can't deny that the price and decor are so worth it. Great place for roommates or a couple in need of a guest room. The second room could easily be converted in to an office or living room with...

TAY HO~$350-$450

Studio -1bedroom -1 bathroomEnjoy this newly built six story building featuring precious studios and lake views. Fully furnished with home appliances and a youthful style. ID#0961627088


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