TRUC BACH ~ $900

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~2 bedrooms ~1.5 bathrooms

Gorgeous high rise. The residence is fully equipped in the center of Hanoi. Take the elevator to the 14th floor, and enjoy the sunset, relaxing with friends on the highest rooftop on Truc Bach. Trendy cocktail bar on the 13th floor.


TAY HO~$265

-1 bedroom -1 bathroomWhat a deal! this is a proper one bedroom with a simple balcony and a lift! Natural light, divided space, great landlords and comfortable western mattress with a work space! ID#0974774359/9

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TAY HO~$350

-1 bedroom -1 bathroomThis studio has beautiful classic hard wood floors, a modern bathroom, a small balcony, and lovely tile work in the kitchen. There are 5 studios left in t he building so book a tour with a NEST. agent today!. ID#0935566989/8

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TAY HO~$350

1 bedroom -1 bathroomThis 2nd floor apartment is a great price and has some fantastic features. Exposed brick, huge bay windows, balcony off bedroom, gas burners and oven, good furnishings. Cleaning not included but can be added for a small fee. ID#0964612240/6

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TAY HO~$395

-1 bedroom -1 bathroomThis is a brand new building and has a very nice energy. Washer in teh apartment, lift, two balconies, ample parking and great landlords. ID#0968869069/3

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TAY HO~$2500

-3 bedroom -3 bathroom This new build is in a great location just off a main thoroughfare in Tay Ho with restaurants and shops galore. Just look at these spectacular views! Two floors of living space at 92sq/m per floor. Fully equipped kitchen with washer and...

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TAY HO~$380

-1 bedroom -1 bathroomServiced building with gorgeous rooftop views and recreational common areas. Washer dryer front loader, smart tv, natural light and good views, as well as weekly cleaning. ID#0985681925/7

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TAY HO~$450

-1 bedroom -1 bathroomServiced building with gorgeous rooftop views and recreational common areas. Washer dryer front loader, smart tv, natural light and good views, as well as weekly cleaning. ID#0985681925/6

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TAY HO~$350

STUDIO -1 bedroom -1 bathroomThis huge studio is a perfect escape in Tay Ho. Nice big balcony, comfortable couch and western mattress. Weekly cleaning and fantastic appliances/electronics. ID#0935566989/4

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TAY HO~$2200

-3 bedroom -3 bathroomThis 225sq meter apartment has the best views of the city, additional recreational rooms for free use, full serviced building and lots of character. Check out the hardwood floors, huge balconies and equipped kitchen! ID#0395648486/2

TAY HO~$550

-2 bedroom -1 bathroomThis two bedroom high floor apartment is great for a couple or single. Beautiful horseshoe shaped kitchen, new furniture and great landlords. Wonderful location. ID#0355357214

BA DINH~$800

-1bedroom -1bathroomWhen your home is beautiful, everything in your life becomes a little bit easier. We just adore the care and design of these Ba Dinh apartments. Move in ready with all the details of luxury. Balcony, modern kitchen, and cleaning. ID#0971199151/4

TAY HO~ $320

-studio ~1 bedrooms ~1 bathrooms Studio off Dang Thai Mai with glass door separation. Bathtub featured in large bathroom. Functional furniture and large flat screen.  ID#0913360210

TAY HO~$500

-1 bedroom -1 bathroomImagine living in this light and breezy lakeview apartment. great kitchen setup, balcony, natural light, and a fully serviced apartment. ID#0084896682238

YEN PHU~$500

2 bedroom - 2 bathroomThis two bedroom is phenomenally priced and located. This pricing wont last long. Loads of light and room for decorating! ID#0935358896


-1bedroom -1bathroomAnother Hoan Kiem beauty. Enjoy this furnished one bedroom and patio. Wonderful decor and building management. ID#bichdiep

DONG DA ~ $434

~ 1 Bedroom~ 1 Bathroom This lovely apartment located in around Chua Lang, close to Vincom Nguyen Chi Thanh. Fancy living room with a lot tons of light. Book a tour now and get your new home. ID#000368557791/3

TAY HO ~ $350

1 bedroom ~ 1bathroomThis is a wonderful space for a single person or coupl. Sits this sweet apartment with everything that you need. Western matress, balcony, full kitchen and bathroom. Lift in building and cleaning once a week ID#0084912017057/2

TRUC BACH~$2500-$4000

190sq/m-200sq/mOr put these two decadent floors together and take over a 390sq/m mega space in the epicenter of truc bach. Gorgeous new building, tons of parking, central ac/heat, purified water, private access, double sided entrance from tow main streets....

TAY HO~$300

1 bedroom - 1 bathroomModern, clean, and practical, this Tay Ho apartment is great option to check out. Serviced building with a lift and great location. Did we mention the views are fantastic and the communal roof is a must see. ID#0989165345/2


STUDIO -1 bedroom -1bathroomSituated in prime location, these apartments are only 500m from Thien Quang Lake & 5min drive to Sword Lake: There are 8 self-contained luxury apartments. Fully furnished, air conditioning, washing machine, water heater, refrigerator,...


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